Zechstein Magnesium Source Is The Highest And Purest Form Of Magnesium

  • The #1 most recommended magnesium oil in the world now available in the Philippines
  • Ultra-pure, natural and highly concentrated
  • Rapidly absorbed by the skin
  • Relaxes and restores the body
Zechstein Magnesium has the highest grade and purest form of magnesium in the world

We are serious when we say “We will give only the BEST to our customers

MagneZIum® brand is the only legitimate Zechstein Magnesium in the Philippines. Don’t just take it from us, do research. Ask for the SOURCE before buying Transdermal Magnesium.

Zechstein magnesium took 250 years of natural purification process. Make sure you are only getting the PUREST and HIGHEST grade magnesium. Always look for the Zechstein Inside® Batch Protocol Mark.

Use MagneZIum® Oil Spray from the Ancient Zechstein Sea.

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Zechstein Source is an Ancient Mineral deposit that is the purest form of Magnesium. Doctors, Naturopaths and Raffy Tulfo, a Promag300 endorser, recommends Magnesium.