Vitamins & Minerals Affect Your Genes

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Vitamins & minerals affect your genes since genes control the way we digest, absorb, and utilize nutrients, variations can change the way our bodies process vitamins and minerals.

Your body performs critical and foundational work that keeps you healthy and rebuilds when you’re sick. This work is the protection and repair of your DNA.

Cells and tissues lining our organs become damaged by toxins (man-made or biological). This damage shows itself in the form of inflammation or infection, which leads to all diseases.

Un-repaired cells and tissues in our organs or glands cause our bodies to lunge into the aging process.

This damage can only be repaired by the immune system using natural vitamins and natural minerals as its tools. This is how vitamins & minerals affect your genes. They keep the critical cell-repair-enzyme called telomerase strong and well-nourished. If a telomere is weak, then the cell damage progresses to the genes and will cause your DNA to mutate. At this stage, the corruption of your genome (which affects your whole body) begins.

When DNA and genes mutate, critical numbers of repair-genes are either compromised or will lapse into total shutdown. p53 genes protect us against cellular damage and disorders like cancers and help keep the immune system strong. In this environment p53 no longer functions.

Cancers occur when genetic mutations build up in critical genes, specifically those that:

  • control cell growth
  • cell division
  • the repair of damaged DNA or genes

As a result, these cells may either die or, far worse, survive and proliferate with a corrupted genome. These changes allow cells to grow and divide uncontrollably to form tumors, lumps, bumps, cysts, infections, inflammation, and eventually cancers.

When your genome is damaged, genes that suppress tumors no longer function to do so, genes that increase cellular replication (cells multiplying) are activated to create more sick cells making the diseases like cancer to spread or worsen.

Imagine cells in your body with lesions or inflammation or infection are rapidly multiplying, causing your disease to worsen and causing other diseases to develop.

The fundamental tools that your body needs to fight against this process are vitamins and minerals from nature. Even with the most pristine diet and lifestyle regimen, modern agriculture has made it impossible for food alone to provide all the necessary nutrients your body needs to perform this constant protection and repair of your DNA.

This is when you turn to supplementation.

Magnesium Deficiency 101

Dr. Carolyn Dean

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