Zechstein Source in Veendam (Netherlands)


Purest Magnesium Oil In A Convenient Topical Spray

MagneZium ® NATURALLY PURE MAGNESIUM OIL is pure magnesium chloride harvested from the ancient Zechstein seabed. The only one source which is worlds most pure, natural and unique, and that’s the Zechstein Source in Veendam (Netherlands)

  • The #1 most recommended magnesium oil now available in the Philippines
  • Ultra-pure, natural and highly concentrated
  • Rapidly absorbed by the skin
  • Relaxes and restores the body

Magnesium Deficiency 101

Dr. Carolyn Dean

In this interview with Lars of the Body/Mind Institute, Dr. Carolyn Dean provides an excellent overview of magnesium deficiency symptoms and treatment protocols that can be used by the lay person or practitioner. Excellent, self-empowering information for health and well-being.

A New Dosage Form For Magnesium – Simply Spray Onto Skin

What Is Zechstein Magnesium Oil?

Zechstein Magnesium Oil is a saturated solution of magnesium chloride that is not ingested but rather is applied directly to the skin, where it is reabsorbed and transported on to the cells. The solution is known as “Magnesium Oil” as it feels oily, but is not actually an oil.

Significance of Magnesium

Magnesium is known as a mineral for “inner peace” and also as the “power mineral”. No other vital substance makes us resilient to stress and calms our nervous system while simultaneously providing us with endurance and energy as magnesium.

Transdermal Magnesium

The transdermal application of magnesium via the skin is a new form of magnesium substitution. Even if the exact route that magnesium takes to get through the skin is not yet fully understood, in the meantime several studies verify its efficacy.

Magnesium Body Requirement

Magnesium is a so-called essential mineral, as the body is unable to produce magnesium itself. This mineral must be ingested daily in sufficient quantities as part of your diet. Where this is not the case, a wide range of problems can occur as the body depends on it.

Dosage Form And Regulation

MagneZIum Oil is available commercially in a liquid form as a spray for direct application to the skin and transported from there to the cells. As a result, the dosage can be regulated as required. The usual side effects are avoided even in the case of higher doses.

Magnesium Intake Substitution

Many people unknowingly suffer from a magnesium deficiency. In many cases, too little magnesium is ingested as part of the diet, although an increased requirement for magnesium or increased excretion thereof can be responsible for the deficiency.

Zechstein Source in Veendam (Netherlands)

The Best Approach To Magnesium Supplementation

A revolutionary way to stop magnesium deficiency using the body’s largest organ — the skin

The Source

From A Highly Pure Source

We use only Zechstein magnesium oil, a natural source of mineral salts found deep inside the Earth’s crust. It has been protected from man-made pollutants for over 250 million years, ensuring quality and purity.

We chemically analyze every batch we mine and a certificate to demonstrate this accompanies every product we bottle. Our stringent testing ensures every product contains only our purest magnesium oil.

Exceptional Testing Standards

We subject every product to exacting quality checks to ensure that they deliver everything you expect them to. FDA conducts tests for every batch of transdermal magnesium oil we produce.

We remain completely committed to developing health supplements of exceptional quality, with research and testing underpinning everything we stand for. This gives our customers complete peace of mind that our magnesium oil product provide exactly what we developed them to deliver—every time.

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Magnesium Body Requirement

Magnesium is a so-called essential mineral, as the body is unable to produce magnesium itself. It must be ingested daily as its magnesium body requirement.

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