Magnesium Massage Reasons That Makes Sense

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reasons why you should incorporate magnesium into your massage

Magnesium massage should become a habit. There are so many benefits to using transdermal magnesium oil during a massage and that massage therapists, health centers and spa’s should adopt.

Relaxation For The mind And Body

The number one reason why people receive a massage is for relaxation. The easing of muscle tension, the dissolving of stress, and the uplifting of mood and all of these factors are in perfect synchronicity with magnesium’s capabilities.

Magnesium is so powerful, that studies have shown that it’s a viable treatment in cases of major depression. This wonderful mineral has displayed an uncanny ability to calm and neutralize negative emotions and better equip the body to rationally deal with an onslaught of stresses. Magnesium can be used in your day to day routine to help mitigate stress and better your mood.

Natural Muscle Relaxer To Better Loosen Knots

Another very popular reason why people to seek massage therapy is to loosen knots throughout the body. Those painfully tightened balls of muscle wreak so much havoc on our health and well-being, making us constantly roll our shoulders, dig our thumbs into our lower backs, and uncomfortably shift in our seats.

Whether they’re from stress, poor ergonomics, exercise, or otherwise, magnesium can penetrate on a level that the therapist’s hands are unable to reach.

Magnesium content inside your cells is what keeps calcium at bay. Twitching, cramping, and even knots can be a sign that your muscle cells do not have enough magnesium to keep calcium from taking over and spontaneously causing contractions.

So, as your therapists dig their thumbs and elbows into that tensed gristle you call a back, you can make their job a little easier by adding a natural muscle relaxer to the mix. That way, shorter massages will bear more fruit, and longer massages will have a much more lasting effect.

Deep Tissue Massage And Detoxification

Many of us, although a bit painful, go straight for a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage breaks up those troublesome knots mentioned above and has a detoxifying effect on the tissues which results in a profound benefit to total body relaxation.

Since magnesium plays a role in so many metabolic processes, fueling enzymatic reactions, it naturally facilitates cellular detoxification – which is why there are those who, when using it for a magnesium deficiency, will initially feel detox symptoms.

You can expedite detoxification by utilizing magnesium whether it be oral, topical, or both – but by using it directly with your massage session, you are supplying your body with the tool it needs, when it needs it, fueling your detoxification.

Also since magnesium acts as a natural nerve calmer and pain reliever, you’ll be bringing your pain threshold up a bit.

Dermatitis, Pimples and Acne

Statistics were showing a significant rise in various types of dermatitis and skin issues.

Magnesium – more specifically, topical magnesium – has been shown to have a regenerative and healing effect on the skin. The act of applying minerals topically has been done for thousands of years as a means of soothing skin disorders.

Some people travel to sit in the magnesium-rich waters of the Dead Sea.

Can’t travel? Combine magnesium oil with your massage treatment for the meantime.

Faster Muscle Recovery From Sports Injuries

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts feel sore after hard workouts or maybe even rubbing out a strain in their calf or shoulder.

Pulled muscles and ligaments, stressed joints, bruises, shin splints, “Charlie Horses”, or just general wear and tear from high impact training can benefit from the addition of magnesium due to its natural anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and muscle relaxing properties.

Also a critical factor for athletes looking to build and maintain muscle, magnesium is used for protein synthesis in the body.

Topical magnesium is fast-acting, perfect for those who get their massages on-the-go in between competitions.

Magnesium Daily Dose Requirement

By adding magnesium into your massage therapy, you are dosing yourself with a nutrient that your body requires.

If you find that you haven’t had the time in your day to obtain sufficient levels of magnesium, this is an easy way to get your massage therapist to do what you were unable to do yourself – rub magnesium onto your skin

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