Magnesium Deficiency 101 – Dr. Carolyn Dean

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Magnesium Deficiency 101

Dr. Carolyn Dean

In this interview with Lars of the Body/Mind Institute, Dr. Carolyn Dean provides an excellent overview of magnesium deficiency symptoms and treatment protocols that can be used by the lay person or practitioner. Excellent, self-empowering information for health and well-being.

Video Content And Time Stamps

0:00 – Dr. Dean – background on discovering The Magnesium Miracle
3:52 – Avoiding the allopathic approach
5:42 – How minerals affect the electrical conductivity of the body
7:27 – How vitamins and minerals affect your genes
9:28 – How people are suffering from diet and supplement fanaticism
13:00 – Full slide screen presentation on The Magnesium Miracle
13:40 – Dr. Dean’s own magnesium deficiency symptoms
14:45 – Preventing the laxative effect while using magnesium
15:50 – The calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium intersection
16:28 – The functions of magnesium
17:45 – Magnesium’s role in ATP production
19:40 – How did I become magnesium deficient?
29:00 – Fluoride through water, dental products and drugs
34:00 – Seriously magnesium depleting drugs like Cipro, Prozac, Lipitor, Flecainide and PPI’s
38:05 – Acid reflux, anxiety and adrenal fatigue symptoms
38:10 – Treating these symptoms naturally through magnesium and minerals
41:45 – Low magnesium is a medically recognized sign of diabetics
43:45 – How much magnesium does a person require?
51:15 – Therapeutic forms of magnesium
54:25 – What other minerals should I be using?

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